Welcome, Pardner, to the great independent nation of California! Now, there aint much left of it after the great quake of ‘68, but that don’t stop an enter-prisin’ cowpoke such as yerself. I done hired you ta help me keep my claim on a rich gold deposit in the Maze. What’s the Maze, aint you kept track of any news? Do ya even know the civil war is at a standstill? Hoo-eee, you are behind the times! You get kicked by a horse when you was little? The Maze is the part of California that fell into the ocean, and let me tell you, that was God’s great gift to us. It’s full of gold, and, better still, ghost rock! But such riches attract the best and worst sorts. I need you ta help me keep them varmint Chinese and Mexicans off my back while I mine this out, and ta keep the Confederates and the Union, God bless them, from startin’ a new war while we ship this all back East. Don’t you worry your soft head about whithertos and whyfors, just enjoy that we are based out of Lost Angels, where the food is good and free, God’s work is done, and not no one misses Mass.